Monday, 10 May 2010

marie curie

The more i find out about this woman the more interesting and ground breaking i realise she actually was. What a genius. Im well shit at science, so i drew her a bit instead, check the sketchbook scans working to a colour scheme, practising for my animation which i started today, hopefully i havent left it too late, i guess we will see. im also pretty stoked on the type ive been doing, im definatly gona do more. I will be posting a few still clips from the animation over the next few weeks, but dont expect too many blog posts.
Another thing i have on the horizon is a marie curie two colour risograph printed poster/zine combo thingy for the london zine emposium. its going to be well good. There will also be a new series of stuhlgang posters for the event... keep your eyes/nose/lips poised and peeled.


  1. 'keep your eyes peeled' is a strange instruction, really. I reckon my sight would be worse with peeled eyes.

    i leiks ur drawlins dough m8. da colours is klxxxx